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Organic beings who live, feel and move under its own power. Survival, meeting the essential layer through instinct, land, boundaries, irrational, impulse, desire or emotional reason that induces us to do something suddenly without thinking. Action / Reaction.

Ánimo Animal (Animal Mood) raises the folds that may exist between the thoughts or actions of individuals. The meaning of these suggestions is open to audience’s interpretation .

Ánimo Animal (Animal Mood) is a piece for unconventional spaces. Born from choreography Communication Breakdown Awarded at the II Capturadanza Contest at Teatro de Madrid and at XXIV Madrid Choreography Competition. First Prize ex aequo II Contest Festival Artistic Actions Urban AD Molina de Segura 2014.

Credits and datasheet

Direction: Beatriz Palenzuela
Dancers: Rafael de la Lastra y Beatiz Palenzuela
Music: Collage Musical
Length: 15 minutes aprox.