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Using the terminology of gems and comparing Flamenco to precious metals, 24 Quilates (24 Karats) pretends to describe the purity of the artistic proposal of Anabel Veloso’s company after 10 years of an unstoppable career. The best voices, the best chords, the best metals of Flamenco and basically, most of the best artists of our current times, go hand in hand with this south of Spain’s artist during her anniversary. It is the company’s hope to offer to their public a show that promises to be a true gem.

Pure Gold


Credits and datasheet


Dance: Anabel Veloso
Guitar: Tino Van derSman / Javier Patino
Flamenco Piano: Cristian de Moret
Flamenco Singers: Cristian de Moret / NaikePonce
Flute, Saxo and Harmonica: Diego Villgas (Guest Artist)
Percussions and sound effects: Cristian de Moret
•Guest Artists : Raul Rodríguez (Guitar & singer) y Ana Crimán ( Flamenco Harp)


Stage Direction and Choreography: Anabel Veloso
• Music: Javier Patino, Diego Villegas, Naike Ponce; Veloso, Raul Rodríguez and Popular
• Set Design: Anabel Veloso, Paco Cañizares
• Lighting Design: Antonio Valiente
• Video design and sound space: Fernando Brea
• Costume design: Josep Ahumada, ByLuna, La Doppia, González and Estudio Paco Cañizares.
• Produced by: Anabel Veloso Company in a Artistic Residence at the Auditorio Theater of Roquetas de Mar and in collaboration with the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco at the AAIICC of the Government of Andalusia